And so it begins…

With little or no intelligent design, I hereby hurl myself into the blogosphere. It begins on this the 26th day of June, 2011, (my half birthday) with:

1.) A middle grade novel (I hope will be my 15th published) on exclusive submissive submission to a new publisher. (stay tuned)
2.) A bunny rabbit unable and unwilling to eat anything but watermelon since being attacked (my fault) by a stray dog.
3.) Two fragrant kids (and their insignificant others) home from separate colleges to fill the sink with dishes and cover the floors with laundry for the summer.
4.) An imminent trip to the homeland (Detroit, Michigan) to visit the elderlies and assorted family bits, in-law and out, with my extra thirty pounds, and my kids, (one of whom is
scared of airplanes) while husband remains home on bunny duty.
5.) A garden full of bitter lettuce, thick-skinned tomatoes, dry green beans, and squirrels
nabbing my plums and apricots before they are ripe, having already shredded and
strewn about my peaches.
6.) A recently dead father-in-law, cousin-in-law and dog.
I suspect the above subjects comprise the bulk of future blog posts, with the addition of the occasional gig story, or rant. Such is my life….


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21 responses to “AmyKossBlogThang

  1. Marla

    SHE’S BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this will be fun – congrats from your old friend, cohort and advocate!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Happy Blog Day! Good luck to you:)

  4. I should’ve known you’d turn out to be a blogger. I’m on to your tricks!

  5. Hooray for Amy Goldman’s blog!

  6. Bunnies, kids, in-laws, exclusive submissions — sounds like the makings of years of high drama in the blogosphere. Glad to see you here!

  7. josh

    the west coast has finally adled your brain. i’m glad i got out while i was young – josh

  8. karen

    I like the pink but could not figure out how to reply….
    so bold of you to finally do a blog….technology so over my head
    love hearing how things are going….love you, kimmie

  9. Susan Berger

    I can’t wait to hear about book and the other assorted bits.

  10. I gotta tell you: It’s easier with blogger. Welcome to blogland, You need to add:
    A follow me button
    A share this on FaceBook button
    A share this on Twitter button.
    We want to follow you. I’ll post this to our faceook page the hard way.

  11. jgold

    you are the very first blog that i will follow.
    it was good for me.
    was it good for you?

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